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USA Slalom Skateboarding


Qualifying for the 2022 USA Slalom Skateboarding National Team is a feat that requires exceptional skill and determination. To secure a spot on this team, aspiring athletes must meet rigorous criteria. One pathway to qualification is by pre-qualifying in the top 20 worldwide through the accumulation of ISSA World Ranking points. Alternatively, athletes can also earn their spot by excelling in one of the three main national races designated by the USA Slalom Skateboarding committee. Only those who exhibit exceptional talent and prove their determination with slalom skateboarding will have the opportunity to proudly represent the United States on the world stage.

Richy Carrasco

Hometown: Santa Ana, CA

Age: 61

2019 ISSA Rank: 9

Jonathan Harms

Jonathan Harms

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Age: 58

2019 ISSA Rank: 10

Maggie Harrison

Hometown: Austin, TX

Age: 13

Qualifying Race: 2022 US Slalom Skateboarding National Championships (Winston-Salem, NC)

Lynn Kramer

Lynn Kramer

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Age: 54

2019 ISSA Rank: Pro 24 / Women 1

Collin Kruse

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Age: 32

2019 ISSA Rank: N/A

Orion Lehrmann

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Age: 22

2019 ISSA Rank: 65

Joe McLaren

Hometown: Denver, CO

Age: 30

2019 ISSA Rank: 1

Judi Oyama

Judi Oyama

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Age: 63

2019 ISSA Rank: Women 14 / Master Women 6

George Pappas

Hometown: Boulder, CO

Age: 58

2019 ISSA Rank: 126

Madison Prez

Hometown: New Orleans, LA

2019 ISSA Rank: 18

Isa Ruiz

Hometown: Santa Fe, NM

Age: 31

Qualifying Race: 2022 Texas Sizzler

Lari-Ann Rupp

Hometown: Salem, OR

Age: 29

Qualifying Race: 2022 Slalom Supreme (Salem, OR)

Joseph Kyle Smith

Hometown: Ashland, KY

Age: 30

2019 ISSA Rank: 21

Qualifying Race: 2022 US Slalom Skateboarding National Championships (Winston-Salem, NC)

Aliera Soulsby-Monroy

Hometown: Houston, TX

Age: 23

2019 ISSA Rank: 11

Lou Statman

Hometown: Austin, TX

Age: 55

2019 ISSA Rank: 20