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Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes – 01/03/2024

USA Slalom Skateboarding Board Meeting.  January 2024 Zoom meeting

6 pm MT, 01/03/2024- Wednesday

  • Location: Virtual
  • Board members in attendance: Joe McLaren, Maria Carrasco, Josh Byrd
  • Board members absent: n/a
  • Others in attendance: n/a


The meeting was called to order at 6:07pm MST by Mr. McLaren

  • Podcast Launch! – Episode 1 with Joe launched on Spotify, Youtube, and Apple Podcasts. Video trailer for socials (Facebook and Instagram).
    • Episode 2 is in the works (Lynn Kramer). Hoping to launch EOW.
    • Episode 3 is recorded (Orion Lehrmann).
    • Episode 4 is recording Saturday (Judi Oyama).
    • Episode 5 is recording Friday (Isa Ruiz).
    • Episode 6 is recording next week (Joseph Kyle Smith).
    • Talks of spreading out the episode list according to geography.
  • Team USA announcements – as soon as ISSA 2023 is calculated.
  • ISSA BOD Meeting – Great feedback from the ISSA board (social, website, etc.)
  • Committee Groups:
    • Social media strategy – Isa (early next week)
  • Livestream events – Kyle McLaren to host and follow cams
    • GoPro connection to live stream devices?
  • Website Updates:
    • Shop – woocommerce needs php updates
      • Square Online store, try it out
    • Donations – setting up donations for each rider to reach their goals.
  • Book keeping software – Quickbooks is the way to go
  • Fundraising – Facebook for 501(c)(3)
    • Promotes in the algorithm
    • Bring up to Isa social platform fundraising
  • Set up a P.O. Box – Joe is looking at setting one up
    • $51/3 months
    • $176/12 months
  • Race Organizers partnering with USA Slalom Skateboarding nonprofit status to generate funds for their races.
  • End of Year Awards: Event dinner at TX Sizzler
    • Joe painted board trophies with a stand and engraved plaques
    • Year end award category discussion
  • Pitch Deck Updates

Meeting adjourned 9:15pm MST