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Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes – 03/06/2024

Zoom Meeting: 7:05pm
Board Meeting Members: Joe McLaren, Maria Carrasco, Josh Byrd
Board Members Absent: n/a
Others in Attendance: n/a

Texas Sizzler USASSI Night – Slalom Hall of Fame Presentation

  • Maria secured location – 8pm event.
  • Prizes are being made – Joe
  • Presentation sheet to lead into event – Josh is creating
  • Maria to present at event
  • Kyle on the camera for livestream
  • Josh to post-produce the event video

Website Updates:

  • Orion to help on USASSI website: 
    • Updating Event pages
    • Race Organization pages
  • Shop
    • Joe to research shop production options
  • Event Recaps
    • Josh to post Presidents’ Day race results and recap to website
  • Event Listings
    • Ditchslap Banked Slalom Worlds (May 7-8) – Josh to add to website
    • Upgrade Ditchslap to an ISSA Prime sanction. Maria to talk to Isa and Joe Lehm.
  • Supporting Partners
    • Josh to add partnership logos on the homepage
  • Marc Graham
    • Josh talk with him about website goals.
  • Revise the Sponsorship Opportunities page


  • SHoF Slalom Demo
    • Maria to meet with Vans about a USA Slalom Demo with vert jam
  • Gold Rush Classic moving to October 12 – Josh to update website
  • Nationals in Nashville – November 8-10: Josh to get ready for announcement
  • Ohio race (Buckeye 4.0)  in June – Josh to get event added to USA calendar
  • WSG – Josh to add potential dates to website
  • Pirate’s PR race – Josh to add info to website


  • Pitch Deck & Sponsorship Outreach 
    • Joe to finalize pitch deck
    • Maria to set up meeting with Hollander
    • Joe to set up meeting with Cole at USA Skateboarding
    • Make initial connections with potential sponsors for the team
  • Bring a list of sponsors and why. Discuss next BOD meeting.

Social Calendar:

  • Joe to set up a call with Isa about re-engaging the social calendar 
  • USA Slalom Hall of Fame Social Announcement
  • Sizzler, Ditchslap, Luna promotion

Josh to talk with Sarah about PR emails using racer bios


  • Fundraising/Donation letter – Done
  • Donation goal for fundraising campaign
    • Setup a sidebar meeting for fundraising ideas: Scholarship, Sponsorship Awards, etc.
  • GoFundMe – Joe to research about possibilities
    • Fund transfer fees
    • Non-profit options
  • Any remaining Items?
    • Joe to talk with Old Bones Therapy for USA support

Next Steps:

  • USA Slalom Hall of Fame Announcement for website – Josh
    • Headshots, names, categories
    • Lead-in text for post – Joe

Next Board Meeting: April 4, 2024 @ 7pm
Meeting Concluded: 9:57pm