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Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes – 04/04/2024

Zoom Meeting: 7:02pm
Board Meeting Members: Joe McLaren, Maria Carrasco, Josh Byrd
Board Members Absent: n/a
Others in Attendance: n/a


  • TX Sizzler Recap story – Josh to reach out to Marcos for a write-up
  • Add new team racers – Leiola, Francesca, and Brandon
  • Racer Organizer page – Josh to complete
  • Race Organizer Resources page has been added
  • Orion is logged into the website to help out


  • Nationals – Josh to fill out ISSA Sanction form

Marketing updates:

  • Social media plan – Isa to finalize a weekly plan for social posts and email comms
  • Isa to develop a plan for dividing up work to post on each platform
  • Email marketing – Josh to work on Mailchimp email template

Fundraising updates:

  • Shop – Joe finalizing printing details next week
    • 2×2’ banners usa logo
  • Talk with Jen and Lou for fundraising help
  • Company leads:
    • Jen w/ Mercedes
    • Lou w/ Nike
    • Jordan w/ GoPro
    • Judi w/ jersey sponsor
      • USA sponsors on the front/sleeves
      • Personal sponsors on the back under name
      • Helmet sponsors
    • American Cancer Society

Event questions for WSK:

  • Sponsor Banners for course-side
  • Commercials for broadcast
  • Product placement on broadcast
  • Sponsors on pop-up tents.

Next Board Meeting: May 8, 2024 @ 7pm
Meeting Concluded: 10:07pm