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Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes – 12/06/2023

USA Slalom Skateboarding Board Meeting. December 2023 Zoom meeting

5 pm MT, 12/06/2023- Wednesday

  • Location: Virtual
  • Board members in attendance: Joe McLaren, Maria Carrasco, Josh Byrd
  • Board members absent: n/a
  • Others in attendance: n/a


The meeting was called to order at 5:03pm MST by Mr. McLaren

An announcement came out from USA Skateboarding regarding the new affiliate program. Joe will forward with some more verbiage regarding our plans to the remaining previous committee members who have not been met with yet.

  • About us text ready to go
  • Will use a supplemented version of the Everything Skateboarding World’s article for the news
  • Sections to be updated before launching contact us, about us, donate, about slalom
  • Racer spotlight – start with Joe
  • Shooting for mid week launch
Facebook group
  • Set up a group for race organizers to chat and bounce ideas back and forth. Maria will set up
    Social media goals
  • Meet with Isa
  • Set up a schedule for posts
  • Propose meeting with Isa next Wednesday at 5pm MT
  • Release calendar for 2024
  • How to qualify graphic
  • Maria will order shirts in red and charcoal. The shirts will temporarily be sold on as
    we continue to build out the shop on USASS website.
  • Will order stickers as well
    Team announcement
  • Planning on doing a live show once rankings come out